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31st-Oct-2012 04:39 pm - Holby City??
Did anyone watch? How was new 'hunky' radiologist Rhys?

And are there clips?
An online friend and I were talking about CoE Day 1, and she said she vaguely remembered an article or interview where Gareth talked about Ianto's reasons to stay behind in the Hub with Jack even though the bomb inside Jack was about to go off. She said "Did you ever hear GDL’s explanation of why Ianto was dicking around? Partly panic, but mostly because he’d decided to die with Jack since he didn’t believe Jack could come back from blowing to bits." We've been looking for the article online but we can't seem to find it and she doesn't remember enough to minimize the search parameters to anything more than "Gareth David Lloyd Ianto Day One hub bomb" or variations thereupon. Anyone know what this article is or know where it is? Thanks!
12th-Oct-2012 12:53 pm - Holby City appearance
Details are now on the BBC website for 30th October
The arrival of new CT1 Lilah Birdwood causes ripples in the AAU playground as Michael and Serena do battle for her respect. But can Lilah prove herself worthy of their tussle or will she find herself on a plane back to Australia quicker than a corn snake up a trouser leg?

When Jac is ordered by Hanssen to treat a Board Member’s daughter, she finds out more than she wanted to. Jac begins to doubt whether Hanssen is the leader she once thought he was, but when the opportunity to nail her colours to the mast presents itself, which way will Jac go?

It’s Chantelle’s first day as Staff Nurse, but she finds herself the envy of Marie-Clare and when new hunk Rhys arrives on the scene she is soon drawn into a dispute that nearly costs her professionally.

Lilah is played by Natasha Leigh, Michael is played by Hari Dhillon, Serena is played by Catherine Russell, Jac is played by Rosie Marcel, Hanssen is played by Guy Henry, Marie-Claire is played by Niamh McGrady, Chantelle is played by Lauren Drummond and Rhys is played by Gareth David-Lloyd

Link to BBC website - http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/proginfo/search/?medium=tv&yearweek=201244
1st-Jun-2012 08:50 pm - Baby Lloyd!
You've probably all heard by now that Gemma Lloyd went into labor on 30 May. I certainly hope she's delivered by now! No announcement yet, but best wishes for Mum, Dad, and Baby!
by madmenyourself.com, me
1st-Oct-2011 10:04 am - A Very British Cover-Up update
Seems there's been a change of plans, the director has posted on the Facebook page that the film will now be available as a HD download this month rather than on DVD. I'll be happy as long as it is released eventually :)
4th-Sep-2011 11:17 am - A Very British Cover Up on DVD
It's been a long wait but the DVD will be available to buy later this month!

Announcement was made on the A Very British Cover-Up Facebook page
3rd-May-2011 08:12 pm(no subject)
For anyone in the Metro NY area, Gareth's Rosemary & Thyme ep 'The Gongoozlers' is currently on WLIW21.
King Ianto's Coffee Club
25th-Apr-2011 09:05 pm - Red Faction photos
Some photos from Red Faction Origins have appeared online this weekend, including one of GDL as Hale.

The band have another batch of items on ebay to raise money for their tour van.

BG stuff;
All of these items are signed by the band
  • Limited Edition print #1

  • Limited Edition print #2

  • Messenger bag

  • Leeds Poster #1 #2 (there are only 8 of these)

  • Leeds Flyer #1 #2

  • Halifax Poster #1 #2 (there are only 7 of these)

  • Halifax Flyer #1 #2

  • TW stuff;
    All of these items can be signed and personalised by GDL
  • TW Magazine Issue 10

  • TW Magazine Issue 11

  • TW Magazine Issue 15

  • TW Magazine Issue 21 (includes part 1 of GDL's comic strip)

  • TW Magazine Issue 22 (includes part 2 of GDL's comic strip)

  • TW Magazine Issue 25
  • 28th-Feb-2011 08:12 pm - Blue Gillespie fundraising
    Blue Gillespie have more items on eBay to raise funds for Doris (BG's tour bus)

    BG stuff
    All items are signed by the band;
  • Limited edition print #1

  • Limited edition print #2

  • Messenger bag

  • Rhys's gig shirt (shirt worn by BG's bassist)

  • Torchwood stuff
    All items are signed by GDL and can be personalised;
  • TW magazine Issue 1

  • TW magazine Issue 6

  • TW magazine Issue 21 (featuring pt 1 of GDL's comic strip)

  • TW magazine Issue 22 (featuring pt 2 of GDL's comic strip)

  • TW magazine Issue 25
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